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Your training will be guided by our wonderful optometrists, Dr. Tommy Elton and Dr. Yukiko Oda.  They will work together to provide an individualized plan for your specific visual needs, and will monitor your progress throughout your training.  

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Tommy Elton, O.D.
Yukiko Oda, O.D.
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Tommy Elton, O.D.
Young Optometrist of the Year 2019 

Dr. Elton is the owner of Elton Eye Care and 5 Target Optical Locations.   He is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College and Illinois College of Optometry.  Dr. Elton provides comprehensive eye care, ranging from contact lens fittings, red eyes, office visits and routine eye exams.  He is a board certified optometrist and completed a residency with MN Eye Consultants in Minneapolis.

Dr. Oda is a member of Elton Eye Care, and will be the smiling face you see if you visit Target Optical in Eden Prairie.  Dr. Oda received her degree at THE Ohio State University.  

She provides a range of optometric services,

and is a joy to work with.  

Yukiko Oda, O.D. 
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