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"My ACT reading score went from 26 to 33"

-John, Edina

"Our son used to dread reading. Now he won't put his books down"

-Cathy, Plymouth

"We have our son back.  He is more confident and ready for high school."

-Mary Kay, Moundsview

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Vision Therapy for Reading Improvment

        It takes more than 20/20      

The visual system plays a crucial role in reading and learning.  Having 20/20 eyesight does not guarantee that a child has the visual tools they need for smooth reading and efficient learning.

An assessment with True Focus will give you and your child an exact snapshot of how their visual system is performing in 6 key areas.

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Learn more about how visual issues

can make reading harder for some children

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Tracking - Smooth and Fluid Eye Movements

Jumpy Tracking
Smooth Tracking


Smooth and fluid eye movements can make reading a much easier task.  Jumpy and erratic eye movements can cause children to skip words, get tired from reading, or to lose focus and get frustrated.  


The student in the videos above complained of skipping over words, having trouble starting a new line of text, and complained of nightly headaches brought on by reading.  She always scored 20/20 on her visual acuity tests, but our reading assessment caught these large jumps in her eye movements.  

In the video on the right, you can see her drastic improvement.  Reading for more than 10 minutes used to be a challenge for her, but now she can finish books in a weekend without headaches!

Jake's Story

Jake was struggling with reading and with getting his work done at home.  The frustration led him to quit sports and his confidence was being affected.  The homework his friends completed in an hour was taking him six.  We found issues with Jake's tracking and other visual skills that were making reading so hard.  By improving Jake's visual tools, his reading improved, he flies through his homework, and his intelligence can now shine through. 

Since working with True Focus, Jake has been on the 'A' honor roll every semester through junior high, for which he received a special award.  He is back in sports, and most importantly, his confidence is sky-high. 

We are so proud of Jake.

"Working with Josh and True Focus has changed Jake's life.  We no longer have arguments over homework and have more time for family activities. I feel like we have our family back!"

-Mary Kay Lawrence (Jake's mother)

Visual Checklist
Go through the survey below for yourself or for your child.  If you answer yes to 3 or more questions, it is likely that a visual deficiency may be holding you or your child back. 

Did you answer 'Yes' to 3 or more? Schedule an assessment to learn more. 

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