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Sports Vision Training

The visual system plays a crucial role in athletic performance.  Reaction time, peripheral awareness, focus, tracking and hand-eye coordination can all be improve by training with True Focus Vision.  

Schedule your assessment today to find out how your visual system is performing.

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What is Your True Focus?

"My coach saw a huge improvement in my play at the net.  My reactions definitely got faster working with True Focus."

-Eden Prairie tennis player

"The ball seems so much slower now. It just looks like a big beach ball floating over the net."

-MN Gopher tennis player

"I have a much easier time tracking the ball now.  I want to take advantage of any way to improve my game and improving my vision made a huge impact on my game."

-Edina tennis player

+80 Points

The average improvement in batting average our Division 1 Baseball Players have improved after training with True Focus

"My batting average went from .233 to .511!  I went from 9th in the batting order to hitting cleanup.  On top of that, my reading and grades improved too."

-Max, High School Baseball Player

"I used to lose the ball when it got closer to me, but now I see it all the way into my glove and my bat.  I hae so much more confidence when I play."

-Div. 1 catcher MN Gophers

Batting Avg. .250 to .304 after training

Nick Bjugstad

Florida Panthers (NHL)

"I saw a big improvement in my ability to tip the puck and find rebounds after working with True Focus"

Charlie Lindgren

Montreal Canadiens (NHL)

"Vision is crucial as a goalie, and I saw huge improvements in my reactions and hand-eye coordination after training."

Chelsea Laden


"Vision Training was a big piece of getting my game ready for the college and pro level.  True Focus is great to work with."

"I can see more of the field now.  Improving my peripheral awareness has helped me read the play and anticipate the play"

Cedric Thompson

 New England Patriots (NFL)

"I can make much faster reads at the line.   As a safety, being able to scan the field more quickly has made my job much easier. ."

-Brock Vereen

New England Patriots (NFL)

"I can see all of my receivers at once.  I can be looking at one receiver and know where the other option is at the same time."

-MN Gopher quarterback

"I have seen improvements across all areas of my game.  I can catch the ball while reading what's going on around me, and I feel more confident in my game."


College Lacrosse Player

"The game happens so fast.  Training my visual system has helped me adapt to higher speeds at the next level."

College Lacrosse Player

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