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What is Your

True Focus?

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No matter what your True Focus is in life,

improving your visual skills can help.  

We depend on our vision to help us learn, to drive our car safely, to perform in sports, and just to feel good.  

There is much more to your vision than your 20/20 score.


In ourAssessment, you can learn how your eyes work together as a team, how your eyes track a moving object or a line of text, and much more.





The visual system plays a huge role in learning.  20/20 scores may not tell the whole story.


Vision Training

Athletes train their legs and arms, but why not their eyes?  Improving your visual system can give you an edge in any sport.



Concussions can wreak havoc on your visual system and contribue to lingering symptoms.  Vision Therapy can help reduce symptoms and aid recovery.

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Vision Therapy can help adults too.  Long days at work or staring at a computer can cause fatigue and eye strain.  Vision Therapy can reduce these sypmtoms.

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Channel 5 NEWS (Video)
Channel 5 - True Focus Vision

Channel 5 - True Focus Vision

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About Us

Our program was designed and created by a team of optometrists, and ophthalmologist and a school teacher with the goal of helping children with reading difficulties.  Our program has changed countless lives and has evolved to include sports vision trainingthat their children were improving in their sports too!

With that, our program was born.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for each child and adult we work with.  From young children to the best athletes in the world, we want to help you.  

What is your True Focus?


Young Optometrist

of the Year

Dr. Tommy Elton
Dr. Yukiko Oda


Young Optometrist

of the Year


Dr. Elton & Dr. Oda

will help ensure you or your child get the best training plan. 


They are both wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable.  

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7101 Amundson Ave. Edina, MN 55439



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